New Paintings

Paintings on canvas continue to explore and extend artwork first developed during 2019. These large scale paintings result from a painting process that’s a mix of spontaneous gesture and emerging color interactions. The acrylic surfaces show broken planes and shards of color defined by rivers of color between shapes. Each painting is unique. Diptychs are designed to work together but may also be viewed singly. 

New Work on Paper

New watercolors on paper for 2021 are modest in scale, 11x15" and 12x18" on cold press papers. They are painted directly with brushes and pours of watercolor paint, often simultaneously – by working on several at a time – creating small runs with similar colors and gestures. They are untitled, but generally called “Rainy day watercolors” – made at home while weathering the current crises. By 2021, I was making my own watercolor paints from pigment dispersions, with a wider color palette and textures. 

Acrylics on paper for 2021. Each painting is unique, if similar in style to my work on canvas. They are often painted side by side, simultaneously, but each is finished on its own time, in its own terms. Many of my paper paintings are experimental, a question of trial and error. New color combinations are tried, different configurations attempted, and alternate applications developed, just to see “what will happen if....”